12/06: CCMS Boxes

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We have Pioneered in manufacturing of Compact Control Monitoring System . Please avail our services
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We offer new type of Steel structure system, which is formed by the main steel framework linking up H-section, C-section, and U-section steel components, roof and walls using a variety of panels and other components such as windows and doors. Light steel structure building is widely used in warehouses, workshops, large factory buildings etc.-
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Leveraging on the expertise to use in our essential needs, we have been able to serve our respected patrons with a comprehensive gamut of MS Structure Fabrication services. These services are rendered in tune with the stipulations and specifications provided by our patrons. We comprehend take utmost care to meet the necessary demands of our patrons and hence serve them in an effective way. All the standards and ideas are integrated professionally to serve the patrons.20150722-ms-structure-fabrication.jpgnullM.S Structure Fabrication<br />
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Structure Use Options Available :

Prefabricated Detachable Low Cost Ablution Units /toilet
Prefabricated Multi Purpose/Security Cabinets

Dimensions :

Different dimensions as per requirements

Features :

Made by combining variety of materials such as pre-coated sheet, Galvanized Sheet metal etc. Water proof, Termite Proof Non fatal and totally safe Extremely durable

Structure :

Sandwich type panels for walls and roof, trusses, purling and columns made of suitable M.S. Rolled/hollow steel sections; totally detachable.

Walls :

pre coated steel sheet on both/Single side.

Roof :

Framework of Trusses in suitable size of hollow steel tube, purling and columns fixed using suitable fasteners like J-Hooks with bitumen washers, nuts, bolts, etc.

Doors :

Pressed steel 4-sidedframe which will be fixed to column with suitable fasteners

Windows :

Frame sheet all be made from pressed steel. The section is welded at corner. The window frame is fixed to column

Painting work :

Good quality oil paint or Powder coating.

Foundation and Flooring :

Steel structure would be provided approx. 9’ over the ground and it will have plywood flooring of 19mm

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We are also manufacturing Route Markers for LT, HT, Telephone, Video and A/C Cable route markings etc.

Markers are made from M.S Angles as per customers specifications and Makers are made of Stainless Steel and Casting also.
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We offer Feeder pillars that are mainly used for housing or installing various equipments or street lighting units. Low-voltage feeder pillars form a basic part of most public and many private distribution networks. Feeder pillars are connected to the distribution board. These pillars are usually made of strong and weather proof materials like Galvanized sheet steel, stainless steel. Feeder pillars are mainly used in electrical installations.

Some of its common uses are:-

• Street lighting
• Telephone systems
• Distribution units
• Fuse links
• Fuse holders
• Power systems
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We are the Pioneer manufacturers of crca sheet metal Boxes for MCB's, Electrical Distribution, Electrical Control Panel Boards,Stainless Steel Telephone BMF's , Telephone D.P's, Feeder Pillars, Junction/Kiosk Pole box, Bus Bars, electrical Meter / Marshall Boxes in India. Apart from that we also manufacture Hydraulic and Mechanical Crimping Tools.


We manufacture following products at our in- house manufacturing units:-

MCB distribution box.
Electrical Control Panel Boards.
Telephone D.P Metal Box with Stainless Steel Back Mounting Frames (BMF’s)
Outdoor Feeder Pillar Panels
Junction Boxes.
Distribution Boxes.
Bus bar Boxes.
Meter boxes.
Route Markers.
We have been regular suppliers to various State Electricity Boards and Private sector since 1978. In these years, we have been working on endless Projects. Now we are ISO 9001 firm and follows very stringent and transparent Quality policy to come with our finished products.

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