We are the Pioneer manufacturers of crca sheet metal Boxes for MCB's, Electrical Distribution, Electrical Control Panel Boards,Stainless Steel Telephone BMF's , Telephone D.P's, Feeder Pillars, Junction/Kiosk Pole box, Bus Bars, electrical Meter / Marshall Boxes in India. Apart from that we also manufacture Hydraulic and Mechanical Crimping Tools.


We manufacture following products at our in- house manufacturing units:-

MCB distribution box.
Electrical Control Panel Boards.
Telephone D.P Metal Box with Stainless Steel Back Mounting Frames (BMFs)
Outdoor Feeder Pillar Panels
Junction Boxes.
Distribution Boxes.
Bus bar Boxes.
Meter boxes.
Route Markers.
We have been regular suppliers to various State Electricity Boards and Private sector since 1978. In these years, we have been working on endless Projects. Now we are ISO 9001 firm and follows very stringent and transparent Quality policy to come with our finished products.

Electrical Control Panel Boards

We offer customized solutions for trouble free distribution of electric power. Panel box is a power distribution board with MCCBs as incoming and outgoing switching-cum-protective devices, for distribution of power to various loads as per the requirements of the system. The modular construction of panel box renders the customary panel building redundant by virtue of compactness, reduced cost and short delivery time coupled with reliability of the various modular units. All units are fabricated using sheet steel of 1.6mm and are epoxy powder coated to give a superior finish.