Structure Use Options Available :

Prefabricated Detachable Low Cost Ablution Units /toilet
Prefabricated Multi Purpose/Security Cabinets

Dimensions :

Different dimensions as per requirements

Features :

Made by combining variety of materials such as pre-coated sheet, Galvanized Sheet metal etc. Water proof, Termite Proof Non fatal and totally safe Extremely durable

Structure :

Sandwich type panels for walls and roof, trusses, purling and columns made of suitable M.S. Rolled/hollow steel sections; totally detachable.

Walls :

pre coated steel sheet on both/Single side.

Roof :

Framework of Trusses in suitable size of hollow steel tube, purling and columns fixed using suitable fasteners like J-Hooks with bitumen washers, nuts, bolts, etc.

Doors :

Pressed steel 4-sidedframe which will be fixed to column with suitable fasteners

Windows :

Frame sheet all be made from pressed steel. The section is welded at corner. The window frame is fixed to column

Painting work :

Good quality oil paint or Powder coating.

Foundation and Flooring :

Steel structure would be provided approx. 9 over the ground and it will have plywood flooring of 19mm