Quality Procedures

The company follows some very transparent and clear cut policy of control quality measures for different stages during production which were as follows:-

Stage 1

During this stage of in – coming material company checks the various aspects of the incoming material.

1. The SWG guage of the material and matches it as per specification of the order.
2. The measures are then verified of each and every piece of the material to follow the stricter quality assurance.
3. The material is further checked for its hardness and malleability.

Stage 2

During this stage of production the material goes through different operation before getting moulded into the finished product. The utmost priority is given that wrongly bended and drawn pieces while on Presswork, Spot welding and Electric Welding are sought out and only right quality of material is sent further to unit # 2 for Powder Coating Process.

Stage 3

At this final stage of production the checking is done firstly by the Powder Coating Staff and then before packing by the Packaging staff people to segregate the defected piece out of the lot and quality is maintained to the highest standard.

Design facilities

The in house computerised design facility is available for basic and standard designs but for more complex design the company sometimes hires some professional computerised help while designing some special order or specification as per customers demand.