Testing Facility

Testing Facility in Press Shop

We are using one of the best instruments available to check each stage of our process. These instruments are calibrated from out sourced lab where measuring standards are traceable at national international standards by NABL

• Vernier Callipers
• Micrometers
• Lots of vernier high gauges
• Universal bevel protectors

Testing Facility in Coating Plant

There are 5 types of test carried out in powder coating & pre-treatment. They are as follows:-

DFT - Coat thickness gauge 0 – 2000microns and least count 0.1 – 1 microns.
SCRATCH HATCH TEST – With cross cutter
IMPACT TEST – Its range is 150 Kg cm
BEND TEST - In this process the powder coated panel is clamped in the Conical mandrel and it is 6mm.bend by manually by giving some pressure.
CHEMICAL ANALYSIS TEST – Methyl Ethyl Keton Test

The entire above tests are carried out on sample of a particular size for every lot in powder coating process.